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July 2020

***Important Update***

We are really looking forward to restarting our sessions in a COVID Secure way. Please understand that whilst some of our temporary guidelines may make things a little more difficult, the safety of our leaders, members and their parents is paramount and so we are taking the potential risk very seriously. 

Many thanks to those of you who joined us on Zoom on Tuesday as Pamela outlined our plans for returning to sessions as of Tuesday 28th July 2020. 

Here is the key information in case you missed it:
- Sessions will take place each Tuesday from the beach base from 6pm to 7pm
- Any member displaying, or living in a house with someone who is displaying, any COVID symptoms should not attend sessions
- Members will be checked that they are not displaying symptoms on arrival before taking part in sessions
- Members should aim to let Gillian or Pamela know that they will be at a session before 12 noon on a Tuesday
- If necessary, members will be split into bubbles and bubbles will be kept apart to limit contact
- Parents/Carers are asked to wait during the session in case their child needs to leave
- Members MUST arrive ‘session ready’ as they will not be able to use the changing facilities at the station
- Members will not be able to change after sessions and should make arrangements to travel home wet 
- Session subs should ideally be paid online. Please contact Gillian via the club page or email for the bank details.
- If this is not possible please bring subs in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on the front so that it can be easily stored for a quarantine period. 
- Members may borrow a wetsuit for a returnable deposit of £50. Members will be required to keep the wetsuit for the duration of our revised arrangements. Ideally please contact Pamela or Gillian before Tuesday to arrange to collect a wetsuit so that members can arrive ready on Tuesday. Again, deposits can be paid directly into the bank account or provided in a sealed envelope including the child’s name. 
- Leaders will maintain 2m social distance from members at all times. Leaders will aim to maintain 1m+ from other leaders at all times. 
- We will be minimising the equipment we use for sessions however we will ensure that members are issued with necessary safety equipment each week. This equipment will be sterilised each week before being used again. 
- Should a member need the toilet they will be able to use the facilities at the station one at a time. Ideally members should not be entering the station. 

Should you have any questions before Tuesday please get in touch and we look forward to seeing you back next week. 

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we have three new Assistant Leaders who will be joining our team officially as of Tuesday. Ben, Will and James have become part of our Leadership Development Academy and we’re really glad that they’ll be joining the team. 

Take care and see you soon,
The SSVLG Team